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The Ghana Timber Millers Organisation
(GTMO) is subscribed to by 100 timber processing companies in Ghana.



The Ghana Timber Millers Organisation (GTMO) was founded in 1981.

The Organisation exports high quality products from over 45 tropical timber species to various countries around the world. In 2010, a total of 403,254 cubic meters of wood products were exported by GTMO members, which yielded 137.85 million Euros to the country. Efforts are being made to increase the value of exports through additional investments in value added products. EU countries continue to be the largest Importer of Ghana’s processed timber. New market areas have been found in South Africa, Korea, Japan, USA and ECOWAS. New buyers are most welcome.



Ghana has 1.6 million hectares of permanent production natural forest estate that has supplied the needed raw materials to Ghana’s timber industry for over 120 years. The Government’s new forest policies seek to increase supply of raw material through improved natural regeneration methods and expanded forest plantation program.

To augment raw material supply Individual member-companies of GTMO have also set up forest plantations. With the new project on plantation development, these companies have the opportunity to significantly increase the area of land under forest plantation in Ghana. Many GTMO companies are vigorously pursuing forest certification and are in advance stages of the certification process. The top 10% who control 70% of wood products export all have the Chain of Custody (COC) or Control Wood Certificate. This development is helping to prepare the companies for effective compliance of their obligations when the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between EU and Ghana comes into effect in 2013.



GTMO has the following objectives:

- To provide a common forum for consultation between the government and its members.
- To share information on timber trade among its members.
- To improve on standard of timber products for both local and export market.
- To strive at all times to provide opportunities for its members to add value to their products.
- To harness resources and knowledge among its members for forest resources improvement programmes.
- To provide for the social needs of the people of Ghana, especially in the rural areas.



The GTMO believes that the timber processing industry in Ghana has the potential to make substantial impact on the economy of Ghana as well as sustain the business interests of overseas buyers and investors.

The major areas for investments are: plantation development, and value addition (especially tertiary processing) The GTMO welcomes investors from Europe, the Far East, the NAFTA, South Africa and Australia to take up partnership ventures in Ghana’s Timber Industry. The political and economic climate in Ghana is very favourable for investment in the Timber Industry.

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